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About Us

Thank you fo visiting the AIAUAI organization office’s web site .
Welcome to the America International Artists Union & Arts Institute(AIAUAI).



The AIAUAI (America International Artists Union & Arts Institute) is a registered professional American international arts organization(NGO) based in Texas, USA. The organization consists of many international culture and uniting arts organizations(countries and area)together, These organizations have many years an outstanding reputation and experience in their fields and share a common ideal. In 2009, AIAUAI was accepted as an official member of the National and Specialist Organizations by the IMC (International Music Council), which is headquartered in Paris, France. In these years, the AIAUAI was given the role as UNESCO's advisory body on matters of music. Furthermore, AIAUAI is approved by the U.S. government and other special organizations.

AIAUAI devotes itself to distinguished outstanding professional artists and senior professional artists, which include the University of Art Professionals, professors, graduates, social experts, scholars, and teachers. The AIAUAI has many branches or partner overseas to train students and professionals in the arts. Throughout its years of operation, the AIAUAI has enhanced and perfected a fair, reasonable, scientific, and innovative International Arts Grade Exam System and World Peace Awards-Arts Series Competition for the arts. It is for the purpose of creating a platform to exchange in response to the United Nations declaration encouraging the world peace movement, to cooperate together for the common prosperity, The AIAUAI’s projects has also achieved the highest recognition for its international arts professional development and by the Arts Institute of testing and competition standards.



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