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Benefits of membership

1. Enjoy and receive the honor of international arts organization membership.
2. Opportunity to be selected as judge(examiners) within AIAUAI’s United Arts Professional Grade & Competition Committee.
3 .Opportunity to enjoy all AIAUAI’s membership aspects including divide into district Grassroots organization participation voting rights and leader (have different grade)
4. Opportunity to provide guidance and recommend students for outstanding AIAUAI’s Activities programs.
5. Full unlimited access to AIAUAI website (password provided).
6. Share artistic talent and exchange knowledge with other members via AIAUAIwebsite
7. Opportunity to participate in many activities advocated and sponsored by AIAUAI.
8. Identification with others in similar careers.
9. Evaluations and programs for members’ students.
10.An annual local or international convention ,seminar and performance may will Choose some parts of them.
11.May be have opportunity that to Showcasing presentation by internationally and nationally known artists and lecturers, Materials from well-known pedagogues, master classes in all music instruments and other all, And a showcase for outstanding students at all levels .
12.May free or preferential cost for join AIAUAI 's program and events.

U.S. AIAUAI membership application and treatment:
The U.S. AIAUAI according to different requirements and conditions, is divided into four levels, the future can be a change in their conditions and delivery of the upgrade do.
(1) Gold membership (2) Silver membership (3) Bronze Membership (4) Basic membership.
Note: Under of the sixth grade level’s students that  are recommended to join at the basic membership level. Memberships are renewed and upgraded on an annual basis. Members will also receive a handbook to keep records of registration and test results. The same information will be archived in the AIAUAI database. Members enjoy a number of benefits including;
A: AIAUAI members enjoy the honor of international membership.
B: AIAUAI members enjoy preferential registration examination fees.
C: AIAUAI members enjoy the flexibility of using the syllabus.
D: AIAUAI member enjoy Memorial badge of glory.
E: AIAUAI members enjoy opportunity to receive sponsor awards.
F: AIAUAI member enjoy overseas travel to school promotions.
G: AIAUAI members enjoy help in applying to overseas schools and institutes.
H: AIAUAI members enjoy access to educational and personal improvement opportunities.
I: AIAUAI members enjoy the opportunities of being elected as a Judge.
J: AIAUAI member, eligible to be elected to a team of teachers.
K: AIAUAI member, enjoy the video network for the Performing Arts Show.
L: AIAUAI Member enjoy priority in joining master level courses.
For specific content and requirements please refer to the relevant page of the U.S. AIAUAI official website

Member Teachers Reward:
Member teachers that recommend candidates and are responsible for groups of 2 or more students enrolled in AIAUAI evaluations of art will be reward

Apply Online

The fastest and simplest way of applying for AIAUAI membership is by filling in the on-line membership application from your membership application will be send Remit money or America’s check to us (International office) for processing .



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