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AIAUAI devotes itself to distinguished outstanding professional artists and senior professional artists, which include the University of Art Professionals, professors, graduates, social experts, scholars, and teachers etc in USA and abroad.
The AIAUAI 's board consists of more than ten ladies and gentlemens who during the one or two years (full/part time or volunteer ) of their appointment dedicate much of their professional and private time to executing the AIAUAI’s policy as by the General Assembly, they represent as many aspects of arts programs and as many cultural and ethnic groups as possible.
Because of the practical difficulties in directly involving all board members in the daily administration of the AIAUAI, a committee(including The United Arts Professional Grade & Competition Committee) is in place to realize the decisions taken by the General Assembly. the committee consists of the chair, the past chair and three regular board members, they are in regular communication with each other and with the international office .The committee works from a strategic plan and convenes times every year.
AIAUAI has a constitution and bylaws which govern the functioning of the external and internal activities of the AIAUAI, the Constitution can only be amended and changed through a decision taken by the general assembly, bylaws, too, are the responsibility of the general assembly. AIAUAI of board and committee is a international federated structure , the Headquarter offices administer all aspects of the programs and activities

International office

The international office (including overseas) co-ordinates all communication related to the work of AIAUAI,It is the location where the administration of the AIAUAI is based, where the membership applications are received and processed ,where the Newsletter is put together and circulated(both electronically magazine)where the international journal of  the AIAUAI's website updated ,the AIAUAI projects are co- ordinated , the international office mains contacts with AIAUAI members , with many of national and international organizations and with old or new partners from the arts industry ,among whom are advertisers, service providers ,sponsors and other relevant bodies.

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