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The purpose of the America International Artists Union & Art Institute is to teach and educate the performers, especially the young people, in various ways, to love the performing arts. When we teach our students to play the piano, we not only teach technique and style, but also how to understand, show, and perform the deeper meaning of the music based on the publication of the yearly contents and requirements from Baroque and requirements include the classical, romantic, and modern compositions and styles from many different times; compositions in the oriental style will be also introduced and recommended. Through this system, not only young people but also adults including professionals will benefit from the relative satisfaction the performers will take in their practice and the relatively high motivation it gives to the students who work harder and have more confidence. In the end, every participant can reach the goal so much faster, which, after all, is to help and encourage the students to work harder and to love music. The process of improving one’s music during a music audition such as like reading book or going shoping, that is, you develop what is useful and healthy and  It is important to the individual, the community, and even the nation to train and develop the musical talent in every aspect during the learning process so that the players understand, broaden, and love the aesthetics of the cultures arts. In order to play music, even a small piece, you must play well since the inner sense of music is the key and final goal, not the technique skills. Although the students may not play well in the beginning, but they will make important progress with the development of accessing more outstanding works and more performances, and in this way the more outstanding future artists that will be generated.

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