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To strengthen communication among membership programs and between them and other membership that promote the careers of young artists .
To encourage the programs and performance of new arts.
To create a forum for sharing interests and concerns at the General Assembly , the annual convention of membership , which helps to evaluate programs toward common goals.
To advise membership programs and , if requested , to help them as much as possible.

Each and every membership of the AIAUAI has an important role to play international arts life. may be some are renowned programs with large staffs and budgets to much, others are programs with more modest profiles, or sometimes situated far away from the main arts capitals of the world. In any case, new ideas and initiatives the benefit of young artists are welcomed from all our membership programs regardless of their all.

Thoughout history arts programs have been one of the most important ways for young artists to make a name for themselves, on behalf of all our membership proud to pledge that in the future as in the past, we will do everything we can provide all those who take part in our programs the finest and atmosphere for expression .We will make the experience both a arts and personal highlight for every arts .

During the past near 10 years, the AIAUAI's many  of arts activities have been to take part  in the context of substantia global's unrest and anxiety. The healthy integration of the arts and humanities into everyday life and the nurturing of productive interaction among disparate peoples must be encouraged to help stimulate positive growth and change in the world.

For the AIAUAI ,this is a time of aged to small and highly specific one , but we do believe That the work we do can make a difference and better.



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