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Welcome to take part in the AIAUAI’s membership programs. AIAUAI membership is open to all arts lovers and professionals regardless of their races or nationalities, eligibility for each level of membership depends on the qualifications of each applicant , the level of individual membership , sure ,when the who membership level have been changed in fact ,Of course,the membership qualifications that will be get upgrade

To maintain from the low (amateur) to high (professional) standards of our members.

To maintain the exacting qualifications for membership in the organization establishing.

To cooperate in promoting the careers of membership programs laureates.

To provide and exchange information that will help membership raise the artistic level of programs.

Being a membership of the AIAUAI ,is an advantage to those who are international arts programs in the broad sense. In being a membership of AIAUAI , you are supporting the development of arts programs internationally ,by supporting the international that works on your behalf for the betterment of arts programs in all parts of the world. In doing so, you help make the world arts programs much stronger professionally , politically and theoretically .

The active member as a qualified, accredited teacher.
The U.S. AIAUAI membership has 4 levels: .
(1) Gold membership, (2) Silver membership, (3) Bronze Membership, and (4) Basic membership.
Note: Students under the sixth grade level are recommended to join the basic membership. Memberships are renewed and upgraded on an annual basis. Members will receive a handbook to keep records of registration and test results. The same information will be archived in the AIAUAI database. Important notice to the students: Written notice of the time and place of the examination will be given beforehand.


The Four level of membership in AIAUAI are:

A Gold Member:   (Annual dues $59 )
(voting right for committee’s member)
A. Must have a graduate degree from an accredited university in the arts.
B. A lecturer in a college of arts.
C. Be a well-known social performing arts educator.
D. AIAUAI art contest (Final) higher 1-3 winners.
E. Get awarded the AIAUAI Arts Young Artist Diploma (or up) persons.
F. Awarded the official certificate of excellence from the AIAUAI.

Silver Member:   (Annual dues $49 )
A. Schools of arts teacher.
B. a degree in arts from an accredited school of arts.
C. AIAUAI art contest (Fina) grouping 1-6 winners.
D. AIAUAI art rating awarded in playing or pro forma teacher certificate.
E.  Won the AIAUAI candidate excellence certificate.

3 Bronze members:  (Annual dues $39 )
A. Any art enthusiast.
B. Awarded sixth grade or more certificates from the AIAUAI.
C. Any AIAUAI series of activities supported or participated in.

Basic-level Associate Members: (Annual dues $29 )
A. Any art lover.
B. AIAUAI art rating awarded five (or less) certificate.

C. Any activities that supporting the AIAUAI or attendance in activities supported by the AIAUAI.



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