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Mission and objectives


Its goals are to preserve traditional arts, enhance modern arts, and bridge the artistic gap between the east and the west of world.
AIAUAI holds “world peace awards–arts series competition” and “international arts grade certificate & diploma” programs in various countries or area on regular and spontaneous bases. It is the international organization that the can become hard and represent the one of the highest standards in the world.
AIAUAI is a internationally arts organization dedicated to identifying the most promising young talents in the great tradition of arts and to furthering their careers by presenting them in public competition and grade programs before distinguished juries, audiences, the media, and the entire arts community. In so doing, it contributes to growth of the arts world.
The mission of AIAUAI is the pursuit of excellence in arts education:
1. To generate and communicate a positive image and high profile for all programs.
2. To promote the stability of the arts teaching profession.
3. To promote the development of arts potential and ability in students.
4. To identify potential opportunities for and challenges to the Arts Series Competition & International Arts Grade programs and to devise strategies to deal with both.
5. To adopt and enforce standards for admission to and for membership in the committee that will ensure the quality of programs.
6. To require that programs maintain the highest professional standards and strictest ethics , treating programs with integrity , dignity , and humanity.
We believe that lived experiences of arts, in all their many aspects, are a vital of the life of all people.




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