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AIAUAI has gradually evolved to what it is today
         Since the beginning of the  in 21st, AIAUAI  has configuration   started conducted many arts programs and activities ,this has
been AIAUAI’s main concern for nearly a decade and it will be  most important source of motivation for years  to come. the  years . AIAUAI has gradually evolved to what it is today .AIAUAI is a  worldwide platform for arts programs who want their profession to be  taken seriously by AIAUAI represent programs disciplines, by politicians and policy makers,  by international organizations that promote programs, and conservation durable development of cultural heritage. In the starting  spring 2008, AIAUAI will begin reconfiguration and starting conducting such as new “Arts Series Competition & Arts Grade” programs in the  nationwide and international This will be done in cooperation with the authorities of cultural arts affairs at nation and international, regional and national/international levels in various countries, subsequently  additional categories of cultural events and countries/geographic areas will be involved.