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U.S. AIAUAI Annual Evaluation on Behalf of the Performing Arts Competition:
At the beginning of each year, the AIAUAI organizes the World Peace Awards-Arts Series  Competitions in the following subjects: piano, violin, guitar, vocal, and dance etc. Award-winning students from the summer art appraisal program will be invited to take part in an overseas trip. Some possible destinations include the United States, Europe and other Asian Countries. The trip will take place during the students’ annual winter holiday and will be arranged by a professional travel agency. The trip will include tours of famous cities, various local sights and attractions, business exchanges and workshops by well-known American or Europe's arts professor and teachers etc and will be funded by brokers, agents, and other institutes with relations to the AIAUAI. Students will also have the opportunity to visit well-known primary and secondary schools, as well as universities. During the visit, students can learn about the local culture, attend gatherings, watch performances, and have the opportunity to take advantage of the English language learning experience while staying with a host family and hotel etc.

The AIAUAI will assist eligible participants to apply to private U.S. arts schools (such as music etc), including elementary, middle school, and college or university levels etc for overseas students.

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Re- Evaluation of Arts Practical Examination  $100

Re- Calculation of Music Theory Examination Paper $80

Duplicate Practical Results $50

Duplicate Theory Results $ 50


Each additional copy $30

Duplicate Certificates $80

Duplicate Diplomas $120

Duplicate Medals $100

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