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The goal of the World Peace Awards-Arts series Competition and International Arts Grade Programs Organized by AIAUAI is to promote world peace against any unjust wars, violence, and support “maintain world of human rights declarations” by UN, involve in the activities of the green environment, postpone global warming, and positively defend homeland security so that we can reach to the world peace and integrity.

AIAUAI has been developed past nearly decades that our growth swift and our influence expands each days, we have caught the attention of similar organizations, we provide our excellent and new-styled programs for arts lovers to enjoy. Over the years, our programs have formed a special style. We are a unique flower, and overcame difficult struggles to accomplish our goals. Our lack of financing is an area of difficulty face. Many of our staff contribute so much without asking for monetary compensation. In our longer road of development, we must greatly appreciate your (personal or enterprise and institute etc) generous’ s financial support. We would use these funds to improve our work performance and contribution to society. We will set up a student arts scholarships, and pay off expenditure by supporting us financially etc. you are benefiting yourself, we will post your name on our website, as well as advertising your company (products)on our website.

At the same time, we welcome you (arts professors or society artists, teachers and institute who from America or overseas) to contact us and cooperate positively, become our’s co-agent ,enjoy and take part in AIAUAI’s many activities of programs, as better as to promote it. Thank you very much!

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