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The international standard that AIAUAI has set for all of the programs (subjects) will inherit and carry out traditional classic world arts. The guidelines also evaluate and blend the east/west artistic diversity, elegant or common style. meanwhile , it seeks to continue developing modern fashion as the theme of arts. AIAUAI also strives to be able to compare with other arts series competition & international arts grade exam and their institutions. It aims not only to have what other organizations have, but also possess standards and guidelines that are even better. AIAUAI has an advantage in that it consists of diversity nationalities and cultural traditions. It also considers the importance of scientific authority and modern entertaining interests. These considerations embody the common pursuit of taking divergent performance standards of different nationalities and focusing them on a single single-minded pursuit of excellence in arts.


1.Our distinction: diversity of nationalities

Many years ago worldwide its musical and artistic evaluations with the other organization or institute ‘s exams (system). Take piano for example. According to the research ,the composition content for piano from beginner to the advanced still follows the European traditional classical piano content list as its model. Its regional, national and historical scope still remains European. In other words, the old stiff the European Music Exams have not changed over decades. nevertheless , time is changing. Today’s world in this 21STcentury has already changed, from its culture and arts, the exams should represent the great achievements of world many nationalities excellent culture .In our vision, with AIAUAI playing a role in different area (overseas)’s piano and instrumental exams ,local’s artistic and musical expression will more faithfully represent her character. Beside European traditional classical music content list and musical exercises , future exams must represent the modern American's excellence. The representative excellent arts classic content pieces , even the popular ones, must incorporate the artistic flavor of local area etc. The future must be able to distinguish the same subjects but of different quality. Through recommendations and proper introductions, use of AIAUAI will create a true international flavor to be in change of the activities of grade exams in local area, this will promote international exchange and the learning of the diverse cultures of the Americas, Europe and Asia. .It will also help enlarge the view of world arts for local area’s students, these local area‘s arts has always been a matter of national honor, and this must continue. This is why AIAUAI is different from the public and the world internationally.


2.Our distinction : scientific authority

In order to promote and improve international arts AIAUAI has created three different guidelines for evaluation standards:
Standard A–Entertainment for Popularity (Amateur Group);
B-Cooperation for Improvement (Semi-Professional Group);
C- Professional Achievement (Professional Group). These different standards are among many other international arts exam subjects. These different standards will fit the diverse needs of people with differences in the student’s age, amateur interest and professional goal. These standards will better meet the demands of people of all walks of life. They will transcend distinctions made by social or cultural norms .This is reason that why the AIAUAI 's uniquely different from the other public in the world internationally.


3.Our distinction :modern entertaining interest

Modern artistic and musical interests are broad.  They  from European Baroque Music and Classical Renaissance Painting to Eastern Ancient Tang  Song and Ming and Qing dynasties’s calligraphy and drawing .They range from South America’s modern Rumba and Tango to North America’s Blues and Jazz . Interests range from country folk Music to rock and roll to European and American golden music. All these interests range From ancient to modern times ,from places to households .This limitless variety is the cultural and essence. It must capture difference styles, ranks, classes and role. this is the concept that AIAUAI enthusiastically recommends and introduces. We must represent such diverse trends as American record-breaking development of new forms as well as maintain a standard of excellent historical world arts. Our standards must allow for diversity .Performance, not only of solos ,but of cooperation ,incorporation , and team performances. We must develop standards which bring forth dazzling ,brilliant, outstanding ,brand new images of international arts exams .This has never before happened to the required degree in worldwide. A new era of invention is upon us , and this is what AIAUAI even more different then that of all the rest in the world. In conclusion ,AIAUAI emphasizes cultural diversity ,scientific precision and entertainment value unlike any other artistic standard organization .Selecting AIAUAI will empower us to obtain quality creative standards which are available nowhere else.

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