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Exam(International Arts Grade Certificate and Diploma)


Registration Process for the U.S. AIAUAI Examination:
AIAUAI authorizes local agencies to deliver their exam worldwide. Candidates can register to these local agencies. Exam times are not fixed, but normally take place twice a year during the summer or winter holidays.Candidates who register of their first time can choose the appropriate level in which to apply. However, those who register a level equal or higher than Beginner Level 8 must provide proof of the intermediate Music Theory certificate from AIAUAI. The student must be show the original certificate that leave a duplicate for registration purposes. Candidates already in the music or arts institutes can directly register for the higher level exam. Candidates holding certificates awarded by other organizations may be exempt(limited) from the practical exam, only if the certificate is authenticated and admitted by AIAUAI.

(1)Practical exams (singing):
The U.S. AIAUAI Member candidates 7 years of age or under, those 40 years of age or over, and those who hold a valid government-issued certificate of disability will receive a 20% discount (cannot be used with other additional discounts or offers). For special exceptions, those who are 6 years of age and under may apply for Exam exemption from the exam of first to second grade of the music theory exam. Candidates 8 years of age and under who apply for the sixth grade exam may also apply for Exam exemption from the third to fourth grade of music theory(music theory exams fees are not included in the application fees).
(2) In U.S. AIAUAI Music Theory and Fine Arts and Dance classes, candidates are allowed to take the exam in a group. Candidates who choose this option will be given a 50% discount on exam fees.

U.S. AIAUAI International Arts Grade Exam Fees

A:  For Non-membeship Pay fee

B:  For Membership Pay fee.

C;  Associate member of the annual fee of $29 


Exam Fees:

The Prepare   Level   (A)$85 /(B)$60,

The First     Level   (A)$100 /(B)$75,

The Second   Level   (A)$125 /(B)$95 ,

The Third    Level   (A)$165 /(B)$125

The Fourth   Level   (A)$185/(B)$150

The Fifth    Level    (A)$210 /(B)$185

The Sixth    Level   (A)$250 /(B)$210

The Seventh  Level   (A)$285 /(B)$250

The Eighth   Level   (A)$310,/(B)$285

The Nineth   Level   (A)$350 /(B)$310

The Tenth    Level   (A)$385 / (B)$350

The Eleventh  Level  (A)$430/(B)$395

The Twelve   Level  (A) $465 / (B)435

The Thirteenth Level  (A)$500 / (B)$475


Note: the exam english translater service charge $10 / time


Special audit assess fee:

Level  1-5: $80

Level  6-8: $120

Level  9-10: $150

Level 11-13 : $180

Music Theory Examination Class

Level 1 to 3:  (A)$25/(B)$20

Level  4 to 5  (A)$35/(B)$30

Level  6 to 8   (A)$45/(B)$35

Level  9 to 10  (A)$60/(B)$50

Level 11 to 13   (A)$80/(B)$60

U.S.Arts Grade Exam Application Form


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