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Exam(International Arts Grade Certificate and Diploma)

Standards and Requirements

U.S. AIAUAI Arts Grade Evaluation Examiners:

U.S. AIAUAI International Artists' Guild chooses judges from local or international professionally trained members. U.S. AIAUAI Gold and Silver level judges are international members selected by a panel. All the judges have achieved high artistic qualifications, meet all professional standards and have mastered the method of impartial scientific evaluation to ensure the quality of the judges.
U.S. AIAUAI International Arts Grade Exam's Standards and Requirements:
To ensure fairness in the evaluation process, judges follow a standardized grading scale and follow several guidelines (not including fine arts and dance exams):
1) Judges are encouraged to take into account all aspects of the performance and evaluate candidates on their overall performance.
2) In order to eliminate any unfair examining, a candidate's final score will be based on the combined scores of multiple judges. Each aspect of the performance will be rated according to the following grading system: (A)Excellent, (B)Good/Well, (C)Acceptable/Satisfactory, (D)Just Starting/Pass, or (E)Continue the effort. These ratings will be combined to create a final grade of the overall performance, including the live video recorded etc.
At the end of the evaluation, the judges will submit their opinions to AIAUAI’s grade examination committee which will be responsible for the final assessment. Keeping in line with the standards of the United States Board of Education, all pass’s certificates will be awarded based on the final decide of the committee.

Note:. AIAUAI Exam Basic Requirements:
In order to satisfy the technical requirements, students are according about required to submit exam show that fulfill the general requirements, including but is not limited to basic skills such as scale, chords, arpeggios, etc.
For example(piano exam): AIAUAI candidates in some levels (1-10) may be permitted to select the specified part of music pieces(Can not repeat use the same one who composer’s composition.) In addition, applicants in grades 1-5 can just play four pieces only, and replace(selected) three pieces which are from original’s six pieces(scope) , the requirement that at least one Bach and either one Etude. Applicants to grades 6-8 can play three pieces only, and replace(selected) two of pieces which are from original’s six pieces(scope), the requirement that at least one Etude. Applicants for the 9-10 grades can play three pieces only ,and replace( selected)one pieces which are from original’s six pieces(scope) , but can not lost Bach or any Etudes . Applicants for the 11-13 grades can play three pieces only which are from original’s six pieces , but can not lost Bach or any Etudes and replace any pieces, and if there is too much of a disparity between the degree of difficulty in the pieces, there may be a reduction in the final score. of course, if the specified all the pieces of the repertoire are performed satisfactorily, there will be any possible increase in the total points scored. In this case, the teachers and students will have more choices and will have an increased chance to show off the student’s unique talents and abilities. All alternative pieces should be of the same level of the pieces they replace. A balanced mixture of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern music styles should be included. All alternative pieces should be submitted to the committee who will decide if they meet the necessary requirements. Pieces that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the applicant and the applicant will be asked to make a new selection. Candidates who choose to play the course specified pieces and can satisfactorily complete all 6 items may receive some addition points on their final score. Giving students more choices provides them with the opportunity to display their unique skills and abilities while allowing them to be active participants in the evaluation process. It must be said that during the actual evaluation, the examiner(judge)may specify only part of the piece(s) to be played, allowing students to focus their energy and make more efficient use of their time. We believe this system reflects a comprehensive and balanced approach to measuring student development and follows a flexible and happily’s system of evaluations and a modern educational philosophy widely practiced in the USA「American Style-Arts Grade Exam」.

Management and Delivery of the Certificates:

Applicants' test results and records will be submitted to the registration and general certificate management department at the end of the exam period. Issuing of the certificate takes about 38 to 50 days after the results are submitted to the AIAUAI official website. AIAUAI evaluation system mainly considers the Practical exam results. The Music Theory exam results are also considered. The exam results are recorded in「AIAUAI Membership Record Handbook」. And add Honors Award of System such as both Practical and Music Theory which are Levels 9★Star Award or Arts Cadre Award(scores A,same at below) ,and Levels 10★★Star Award or Jadeite/ Arts Counselor Award ),and performing arts Levels 1-3★★★Star Award or Sapphire/Arts Ambassador Counselor Award, ★★★★Star Award or Ruby/Arts Ambassador Award, and ★★★★★Star Award or Diamond/Arts Image Ambassador Award, And International Arts Grade Teacher’s Certificate or until Diploma and system’s some Honors Award(Or maybe has the exquisite, symbolic and souvenir collection value's product prize. To apply for the Honours Award or Prize),Applicant(Music) should have both Practical (A)and Music Theory(A) for at least 2 years, The teacher should be successfully be recommended a total of 6 students which are join to when the annual’s AIAUAI arts grade exam,).



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