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Exam(International Arts Grade Certificate and Diploma)

AIAUAI International Piano Grade Exam

We wish to offer the arts world for the all society people that we hope really to enter Mainstream national and international arts’s society .we usually hold activities for the benefit of society and encourage all the members to learn new knowledge and promote Academic exchange. we also hold get together for everyone to get acquainted with each other.AIAUAI also too often to hold some fellowship (party)’s activities in the different area (including overseas area) for members, let’s offer opportunity to our members be able to get know with together which is promote friendship. and introduce or recommendation local students for our members teachers etc.

In different countries or regions, AIAUAI may be will respectively provided some different’s exam subjects,such as keyboard, stringed instruments, woodwinds, brass instruments, vocal music,folk or electronic etc music,compose,conductor,dance ,yoga,fitness dance and fine arts(including design), and music theory other etc. Annual examination subjects and content are conducted in English and other languages (or show exam outline etc on the AIAUAI’s website).
The Projects at below:
1.U.S. AIAUAI International Arts Grade Exam .

2.World Peace Awards-----Arts Series Competition.

3. Summary of (IAT-Cert)Courses.

4..Exam Training Courses

5.U.S. AIAUAI Annual Summer(or winter) Overseas Arts Group of Trip .

AIAUAI International Arts Grade Teacher’s Certificate and Honors Star and Peace Award of System
International-Arts Teacher’s certificate(IAT-Cert)or Senior International-Arts Teacher’s Certificate
(SIAT-Cert)to apply for the appropriate level.
(1) Where AIAUAI Silver level membership: in the arts subjects at (16 years, including more than 16 years of age) teaching more than one year that can to participate AIAUAI art teaching and to register for the diploma to strengthen the outline of training courses, or to apply (IAT-Cert) (for example: holding 6- 8 (level)general certificate 「Practical Arts Certificate」or equivalent to same level of the applicant, having to take a common, the difference between the charges of teaching and training qualified to apply for increase awarded to the corresponding 6-8(level) [teaching training certificate classes] or apply 6 -8(level) - (IAT-Cert); other levels and so on. the following year by the efforts hold 9 (level) passes certificate or equivalent to same level can apply for 9-10(level) - (SIAT-Cert), and may also choose some of the participants - the teaching certificate of training classes, either in accordance with relevant procedures and payment of the cost of a little difference between the application for renewal of the increase awarded the corresponding 9-10(level) [teaching training certificate], and to participate in the graduation ceremony (the the same),and follow this style for AIAUAI member teachers ,that can to participate (upgrade)AIAUAI senior arts teaching and to strengthen the outline of training courses to register for the Advanced Diploma 「Practical Arts Diploma」or equivalent to same level, or to apply international of higher arts class teacher's Certificate or Diploma examination etc; other levels and so on.
U.S. AIAUAI International Arts Grade Teacher’s Certificate at below:
A. International Arts Teacher's Certificate(IAT-Cert)
(★Star Award or Arts Teacher and Cadre Award)
B. Senior International Arts Teacher’s Certificate(SIAT-Cert)
(★★Star Award or Jadeite/Arts Monitor and Counselor Award)
C. Young Artist Diploma of International Arts(YAD-IA)
(★★★Star Award or Sapphire/Arts Ambassador Counselor Award)
D. Associate Professor Diploma of International Arts(APD-I A)
( ★★★★Star Award or Ruby/Arts Advisor and Ambassador Award)
E. Professor Diploma of International Arts (PD-IA)
(★★★★★Star Award or Diamond/ Arts Advisor and Executive Director Award)
F. Academician Diploma of International Arts (AD-IA)

(★★★★★★Star Award or Crown/Chief Arts Advisor and CEO Award)


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