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Exam(International Arts Grade Certificate and Diploma)


U.S. AIAUAI International Arts Grade Exam System
The music exam is divided into two categories which are practical and theoretical exams. a complete certificate is awarded only if the two are successfully achieved (not including fine arts and dance etc). The purpose of the United States AIAUAI grading system is to improve the quality of the arts and to promote arts in society as a whole. Besides the 10 +3 grading evaluation, Adult’s General Entertainment Arts Exam is provided. Levels 1-5 (including the preparatory level) are for beginners. Levels 6-8 are for intermediate students and Levels 9-10 are for advanced students. All of these levels pertain to amateur-level students. Levels 11-13 are for quasi-professionals and professionals (equal to performing arts Levels 1-3). In different countries or regions, AIAUAI may be will respectively provided some different’s exam subjects,such as keyboard, stringed instruments, woodwinds, brass instruments, vocal music,folk or electronic etc music,compose,conductor,dance ,yoga,fitness dance and fine arts(including design), and music theory other etc. Annual examination subjects and content are conducted in English and other languages (or show exam outline etc on the AIAUAI’s website). The common materials for the exam preparation are selected and therefore easy to buy (including any appropriate and available’s edition such as Wiener Urtext Edition or Alfred Edition etc) or part of arrange or sale by AIAUAI publishing. According to the present education's situation ,send appropriate and available exam materials(or outline etc)and text style to the different exam cooperation center in all regions ,Many countries and area have authorized exam agencies. In any case, United States AIAUAI has built up a modern exam system to be fair, reasonable, and scientific. 「American Style-Arts Grade Exam」。

For to do research throughout the United States and overseas to raise international standards in the arts, to reduce training time, help and encourage communities to establish a variety of appraisal authorities for Beginner enthusiasts, Advanced learners and independent self-learners. to participate in the AIAUAI agency's annual evaluation and recognition system and to improve learning such as in Asia. more generally Note, weighing only playing (singing) or the status of performance skills, thus promote AIAUAI impact and involvement, special privileges Description:
1.Candidates applying for the first time can be awarded a position according to their actual ability and will be appointed to the appropriate level. Candidates 7 years of age may be appointed to examination levels between 1 and 4 but shall not exceed level four (candidates with equivalent certificates issued by recognized organizations will be exempt). First time candidates over 8 years of age can apply to AIAUAI examinations between levels one and six but shall not exceed level six (candidates with equivalent certificates issued by recognized organizations will be exempt). Candidates must progress on a step by step basis and cannot skip levels. Candidates who have participated in the first two years of the program should be prepared to produce the relevant certificate. When applying to high-level programs, students must accept the criteria specified by examination training and follow all Exam requirements.
2. AIAUAI music theory and management approach: music theory exam: comprehensive basic knowledge of music and literacy test contains a written and oral part which is divided into the following levels:
Beginner  section    - including: 1, 2, 3.
Intermediate section (A) - including: 4, 5, 6.
Intermediate section (B) - including: 7, 8.
Advanced section (A) - including:   9, 10.

Advanced section (B) - including:  11, 12.,13

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