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Exam(International Arts Grade Certificate and Diploma)


The certificate is awarded if both practical and theory exam are passed.The rules of the U.S. AIAUAI system are as follows: grading with membership records according to the AIAUAI member’s record handbook, and large or medium page size with the Practical Arts certificate.
All of the AIAUAI membership and individual assessment is recorded in the members’ handbook until all exams (same level)are finished in correspondence to the certificate. The final certificate is awarded after passing the whole exam. All AIAUAI Members Record Handbooks are packed in a dedicated documents bag (including grade exam's assessment materials, certificates or sponsor promotional materials, etc). The handbook is delivered to AIAUAI’s Partnership of Union (agents) or instructors’ office within 65 to 80 days after the applicant has completed the final exam.
AIAUAI holds Music Theory exam training lectures (including the exam training lectures for Fine Arts and Dance), etc. All AIAUAI Member candidates are recommended to voluntarily join these classes that may be to easy pass the exam with ease. Students opting for these classes will have the chance to add credits to their final grade. The Music Theory exam is mainly based on the piano theory of reunification tests. Non-western music students may be required to study a lower level of music theory.

. U.S. AIAUAI Members and Exams: Notice of Times and Requirements
The U.S. AIAUAI membership has 4 levels: .
(1) Gold membership, (2) Silver membership, (3) Bronze Membership, and (4) Basic membership.
Note: Students under the sixth grade level are recommended to join the basic membership. Memberships are renewed and upgraded on an annual basis. Members will receive a handbook to keep records of registration and test results. The same information will be archived in the AIAUAI database. Important notice to the students: Written notice of the time and place of the examination will be given beforehand.
B. Registration Time: Up two students that can make a registration group,since certificates are issued by the American headquarters, students are recommended to register as early as possible. Late registrations will not be accepted.
Registration Note: applicants must prepare two photos (4 x 1). According to registration guidelines, applicants can cancel their registration with in 21 days of the final registration date and receive a 95% refund. Expiry will not be refunded. Applicants are urged to consult with their teacher to find the appropriate level to apply the appropriate level exam.

C. Applicants' exam results and records will be submitted to the registration and general certificate management department at the end of the exam period. Check online of the exam results takes about 38 to 50 days after finished exam are submitted to the AIAUAI official website.that issuance and send certificate or AIAUAI member’s record handbook etc will be available about 65 to 80 days at after the applicant has completed the final exam..U.S. AIAUAI International Arts Grade Exam fees: The U.S. dollar is the basic unit for calculating fees. Annual membership fees or examination and training fees shall be paid in US dollar currency. The fees will be equivalent to the U.S. dollar fees announced on the U.S. AIAUAI official website.All of the above detailed descriptions, contents, and requirements (including competition rules, exam subjects, and music pieces, can be found on the U.S. AIAUAI official website ( This website is in English, although Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese etc languages are also available in the competition or exam season..

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