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Exam(International Arts Grade Certificate and Diploma)


The music audition is the proof of the process of the music art education. Through this system of art education, with well defined teaching standards and teaching plans, and a set of well known and significant piano works, and with the view of the different cultures and histories that our participants represent, it is important that the players begin to master the various study skills and methods, and not confuse the value of the quality education with a mere individual talent education. Currently, a talent education focuses on passing certain knowledge and techniques to students, whereas a quality education focuses on teaching students how to solve problems and grow in a healthy way. It is important to become a useful person first, then to become a talented person. It is not as simply as thinking that by passing the audition/test that you have improved your earning potential and you can now achieve the goal of getting a higher education. Of course, if the students can combine goals of improving the quality of life and also gain the necessary talents to succeed, then this will help the find a way into higher education.

In addition, training for and taking the piano auditions can help improve the young people’s IQ and EQ as well as logical processing, so the young people may benefit in the following ways: accuracy, flexibility, energy, and emotional stability. Continuing the process of learning and taking tests can have real benefits to the students.

The goal of the America audition systems of tests is to encourage all young people with various talent levels to be the best they can be, so the process should be approached with an expectation of joy not pressure.

It has the philosophy of the creative international authority of AIAUAI
that  under the international music committee of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s guidelines.  this system combines the best training techniques of the east and the west, and here is where this organization can show its real value.

U.S. AIAUAI International Arts Grade Exam Characteristics(Advantages):
The aims of the U.S. AIAUAI are to promote the arts and improve the quality of society as a whole. In addition, we want to encourage independence and creativity while enhancing education in the arts and experts and examiners (judge) have turned their attention to expanding students’ and teachers' flexibility to grow better in arts. The excellent judges of group from local or international  professionally trained members., it's use double judge’s check for overseas exam .  The AIAUAI candidates following specific paths in the music programs are allowed to select art pieces from within a specified range as dictated by the United States National Arts Education Standards. We believe this system provides young students with basic knowledge in both music literacy and in music theory, which reflects a comprehensive and balanced approach to be a flexible and happy style’s new evaluation concept and system.

U.S. AIAUAI appraisal certificate acceptance:

AIAUAI as a member of the National and Specialist Organizations and of the International Music Council (IMC), the International Arts Grade Exam and Certificate and Diploma has been getting to more recognition. Well-known U.S. and European universities and institutions attach great importance to the artistic quality of the students enrolling. The U.S. AIAUAI certificates have already become widely accepted as evidenced by many schools as proof of the assisted’s assessment record. The arts appraisals may be to could help a majority of students gain admission favourite to overseas universities and institutes, especially for those in the United States and Europe,



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