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I. Hosting Organization: America International Artists Union & Arts Institute
II Assisting: Music Professors Group at Portland State University Music Department, among others
III. Co-Agents:
IV. Contest Procedures and Contents (Amateur group levels)

For the amateur levels, there is no age limit such as for youth or adults, so the co-agents can carefully consider these factors when selecting contestants for each level.

Amateur Groups:Elementary Level (levels 1 - 5)

Intermediate Level (levels 6 - 8)

Advanced Level (levels 9 - 12)




1. The contestant can select one or two pieces, at each level, from the elementary to the advanced level,(and shall be approximately from two to four minutes in length). And in the semifinals (the second competition), there are two pieces to be selected; one of these will be selected by the contestant by the same rules as before for the first competition (and can even select one of the same pieces as in the first competition), and the second piece is chosen by the committee, (and shall be approximately from three to six minutes in length), and for the final competition, there shall be two pieces chosen by the committee (and shall be approximately four to eight minutes in length). The contestants in the thematic group can choose one or two additional pieces (and shall be approximately three to five minutes in length).

2. The level of difficulty of the music will proportionally designated to be at the middle of each level

3. Procedures

a. All of the participants need to register and pass an eligibility test, and follow the rules administered by the instructors. First, you must make a high resolution DVD with 2 different angles in high resolution. The DVDs must not be made by manual editing and splicing. It is preferred that the recordings be done by professionals. Second, the DVDs must be sent to the Member Committee in the United States by the Overseas Organization. At the point, the qualification certificates will be sent to the participants.

b. The Asian Pacific Overseas Organization, which will organize the Asian Pacific Semifinals, and will judge competitors based on the rules of competition and on local live performances.

c. The Asian Pacific Overseas Organization will assist the winners from the semi-finals to obtain an entry visa to travel to the United States to participate in the finals. The videos of the finals will be posted on You-Tube.

d. The pre-contest appraisal eligibility will be held twice a year; the amateur contests will be held once every two years, and the professional contests will be held once every three years.



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