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Winners(World Peace Awards-Arts Series Competition Program)


The competition has different subjects (for example, for piano)there will be gold, silver, and copper (and cash prizes) and the thematic group with performance awards will not receive cash prizes. For example, the Bach group, etc, will have one to six winners.

3.The thematic group competition is open for general participation to give greater opportunities for participants to demonstrate their talents, and in addition, if during competition there are participants are approximately equivalent, but one or more participate in the thematic group, the jury could, at its discretion, award more points to them. Participants will have the opportunity to join the thematic group upon arrival in the United States and initial registration in the finals. Participants may register for up to two different thematic groups (such as the Bach group) and each group will charge an additional $15 registration fee. Your thematic group level shall be the same as your general registration level. The participants must choose three pieces to play, and can choose from any works, except that the theme piece is reserved and cannot be chosen. You also must select different types and styles of pieces that represent the thematic group. Each piece must contain some technically challenging portion, and must demonstrate technique, and must musically represent the emotion of the composer of the thematic group.

4. The thematic groups are the following: <Bach>,<Mozart>, <Beethoven>, <Schubert>, <Mendelssohn>, <Chopin>, <Shuman>, <Liszt>, <Brahms>, <Tchaikovsky>, <Debussy>, <Rachmaninoff>, and also a current composer of America or any other country.

5. A special gold award shall be granted to a participant who performs a composition that was composed within the last year. The award shall be granted based on the quality of the composition as well as the quality of the performance. Only one award shall be granted for all levels.

6. The best 10 contestants for each level shall receive a "World Peace Arts Star Award" certificate. (No money award.)

7. Every contestant shall receive a commemorative participation certificate.

8. Any cash prize may be substituted by a gift of equal value (for example, a piano or other musical instrument), and this will be announced on site before the competition.

9. All finalist contestants are eligible to apply to a US university to study or to receive a scholarship.

10. If the number of participants in the semi-finals or finals for any level, or if the competition is judged to be below the set standard, the final cash prizes may be reduced or eliminated for that level.

11. All cash prizes, awards, and certificates will be sent to contestants within about 38 work days. The award is subject to the applicable currency exchange rate. The winning contestants are asked to be patient.

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